Coastway Surveys was commissioned by Roadstone Quarries to carry out a survey of Arklow Quarry. The purpose of the survey was to measure the proximity of the extraction face of the quarry to a road that ran along the edge of the quarry.

The fixed wing drone was used to gather aerial data on the road, the quarry face and the quarry pit. The terrestrial laser scanner was also used to gather more detailed data on the quarry face and the quarry pit. Both sets of data were oriented to the ITM grid system and were merged to produce a single data set. From this data set cross sections were produced from CAD drawings delineating the proximity and allowing the quarry operator to plan further extractions.

Arklow Quarry, Ireland

Services:Aerial Surveying
Terrestrial Surveying
Project Value:€300,000
Components:Orthorectified Photography
CAD Plans & Cross Sections
Deliverable:Surface Model