Following a major landslide on the main Birmingham to London railway line in 2015, Coastway were engaged to carry out an aerial survey of the site. The landslide occurred whilst repair works were underway on the slope. Some 350,000 tonnes of soil were displaced during the landslide.

The fixed wing drone was deployed to carry out several flights over the affected area. The data collected were processed to produce a DTM, volumetric calculations and orthophotography which were then used for analysis and base mapping of the earthworks remedial design.

Several further aerial surveys were carried out to measure the stockpiles and assist in the production of progress updates and reports during the remedial works.

Harbury Railway Cutting Landslide, UK

Services:Aerial Surveying
Project Value:€300,000
Components:Orthorectified Photography
CAD Plans & Cross Sections
Deliverable:DTM & Condition Survey