In 2015 Coastway Surveys was engaged by T.L. Excavations to carry out a subsurface survey of the old adit at the great Laxey Mine which runs near the famous Lady Isabella Water Wheel. The hope was that at some point in the future the adit could be opened as an added tourist attraction giving the public access to the engine shaft where the massive T-Rocker could be seen at work. The disused shaft had collapsed in places and Coastway was engaged to measure the voids between the collapsed areas of the adit to assist with the project feasibility study.

The C-ALS (Cavity Auto Laser Scanner) was deployed through boreholes in a dry cavity and accurately scanned the interior in 3D generating geo-referenced positions and volumes. The data were collected in the form of 3D point cloud which was then used to create a 3D model of the adit and the shafts by combining the newly acquired adit data with existing surface survey information.

Laxey Mine, Isle of Man

Services:Terrestrial Surveying
Sub-Surface Surveying
Project Value:£500,000
Components:Orthorectified Photography
Laser Scans
Deliverable:3D CAD Model & Volumes