In early 2015 Coastway Surveys was commissioned by Dublin City Council to carry out a survey of the Poddle River which runs under Little Ship Street. The purpose of the survey was to compile a record of the dimensions and precise location of the culverted river for archaeological heritage.

The interior of the culvert was scanned using a high-resolution laser scanner, which recorded the invert & crown condition, ground cover and the orientation of the culvert below the street level. The data were collected in point cloud format and were processed to produce a fully detailed as-built survey of the culverted river.

The as-built survey also provides engineering detail which can be used by Dublin City Council for carrying out flood alleviation assessments.

Poddle Underground River, Dublin

Services:Sub-surface Surveying
Project Value:€30 Million
Components:Laser Scans
CAD Plans & Cross Sections
Deliverable:As-built Survey Data