In early 2017 Coastway Surveys was commissioned by Trinity College Dublin (TCD) to carry out a detailed internal and external survey of the 18th Century Old Library and the newer Berkeley Library. The purpose of the survey was to provide detailed information to design teams, that would allow them to assess and analyse the architectural and structural features of the buildings, to provide a platform for possible future refurbishment, redesign and remodelling work.

The buildings have a gross internal area of over 8,500m2 and over 1000 scans were captured of the interiors and exteriors of the buildings using high resolution laser scanners. The surrounding grounds and adjacent buildings were surveyed using traditional topographical surveying and the roofs of the buildings were surveyed using the UAV. The various data sets were combined to produce the CAD drawings and Revit model required by the client.

Trinity College Old Library, Dublin

Services:Terrestrial Surveying
Aerial Surveying
Project Value:€30 Million
Components:Orthorectified Photography
Laser Scans
Deliverable:Revit Model